Our Solutions

eQualtiq offers software-based applications designed to reduce the energy costs in commercial buildings, with a focus on Hotels and Offices. The two key strategies to do so are the following:

Reducing the building's energy consumption. This is done by increasing the awareness and understanding of the building's energy consumption, which is the main goal of eQualtiq Forecasts. Furthermore, the insight provided by implementing eQualtiq Forecasts has enabled the development of eQualtiq Recommends and eQualtiq Acts, two applications designed to decrease the building's energy consumption by fine-tuning the HVAC system's set-points throughout the day.

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Reducing the average cost (€ per kWh) of consumed energy. This goal can be achieved by implementing eQualtiq Procures, an application that tracks all utility bill and their issues, as well as optimizes the customer's power purchasing strategy. In addition, the benefits of the electricity market liberization can be accessed by using  eQualtiq Trades or eQualtiq Rewards to engage in the dynamic day-ahead whole-sale market or participating in demand response programs.

eQualtiq's applications and their versatile functionalities are highly modular and scalable, as to provide the best possible solution for each individual building. Effectively combining eQualtiq's apps can lead to a 20-25% electricity cost reduction for the building.

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