About eQualtiq

What We Do

Nowadays, energy costs of hotels and offices represent between 20 to 30% of the total operational cost, and these numbers are projected to rise in the next years. Moreover, it is increasingly important for companies to follow sustainable practices and ensure their facilities run in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way. Therefore, more and more companies are investing in energy management tools that optimize the energy use in their facilities.

eQualtiq is a Software-as-service (SaaS) provider that offers a suite of apps to reduce the energy costs of commercial buildings by fine-tuning the HVAC system operation while ensuring the tenant’s comfort. Additionally, eQualtiq tools have the ability to simplify and optimize the power purchasing procedure of a building. Implementation of the full solution leads to a target 20-25% electricity cost reduction for the building.

Our History

Founded in 2016, eQualtiq company is the outcome of the european R&D project BEEST, supported by KIC InnoEnergy and a partnership between Comsa Coroporación, Enervalis, DEXMA, Tecnalia and EnergyVille, that together have over 100 years of experience in energy efficiency in buildings. Currently, eQualtiq is a company owned by two of the consortium partners: Comsa Industrial and Enervalis.

Find out more about the BEEST Consortium below:

Logo COMSA INDUSTRIAL CG10COMSA Industrial is one of the largest Spanish groups in the sector of engineering and infrastructures. Its activities are spread across over 20 countries and the company counts with 8000 employees worldwide. Its R&D department is now strategically focused in innovative areas such as Smart Buildings, Smart Meters and Smart Cities. Its main contribution to the project lies on its expertise on BMS and HVAC installations.

logo_DEXMADEXMA Tech is a leading provider of energy management software, serving over 1000 companies across 32 different countries. Its platform, DEXCell Energy Manager, is a cloud-based software that helps companies to reduce energy use and its costs. All eQualtiq apps are fully compatible with DEXCell Energy Manager.

EnervalislogoEnervalis is an ICT company whose mission is to build the operating system of the future energy networks as to support the mass-market energy services that will enable a higher level of renewable energy penetration. Its main three fields of activities are Smart Electric Vehicles, Smart Buildings and Smart Microgrids. Enervalis believes this three sectors are the cornerstone of the future network architecture: the internet of energy. Enervalis’ valuable know-how on cloud computing technologies and hosting has helped the project to take off. The company also contributed to the design and development of eQualtiq Trades and eQualtiq Rewards.


EIT InnoEnergy is an organisation supported by the European Institute of Technology (EIT), whose mission is to foster innovation in the field of sustainable energy technologies. It does so through three different lines of action: supporting innovation projects, offering business development services and providing education programmes. EIT InnoEnergy has provided financial support throughout the development of the BEEST project, taking it from an R&D project to a ready-for-market product.

tecnalialogorealdealTecnalia Research & Innovation is the first private applied research centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. It offers expertise in the areas of health, transport, industry, ICT and environment. Tecnalia’s goal is to take advantage of its research results and know-how to contribute to the growth of companies and society. Tecnalia has developed the proprietary machine learning algorithms that allow the forecasting of the building’s energy demand and the automation of its HVAC’s daily operation.

vito_logo_no-basline_120x120px4webVito is a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the fields of clean-technologies and sustainable development, providing solutions for the large societal challenges of today. Within the BEEST project, Vito has developed the algorithms of eQualtiq Trades and eQualtiq Rewards.